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Launching in 2014

Hello & Good day,

We will be launching a digital travel magazine (PDF for free download) in 2014. We have started a fundraising campaign for the first issue. The funds raised will cover the creation of the content, translations (we have been publishing a travel magazine in German for four years now), design/layout and the further setup and design adjustments on this website.

Please visit this page to find out how you can support us:

Your vote counts: Which magazine would you like to read?

Sunset ab Malapascua, Philippines © Judith Hoppe

Sunset ab Malapascua, Philippines © Judith Hoppe

Travel-Inspirations will launch a great travel magazines in 2014. The main feature of each magazine will be dedicated to a specific country or region. Now your vote matters: Please tell us which destination you would like to read about. The magazines will be offered free of charge! If there is a destination you are missing in our poll list, simply use the comment form below the poll and let us know!


Starting in 2014, we will publish a quarterly newsletter with great new places, interesting travel deals and of course keep you posted on the launch of the free issues of the travel magazine. If you’d like to stay tuned or get inspired by us, please subscribe to the newsletter.

Welcome to Travel-Inspirations – the world’s most inspiring travel magazine

Travel-Inspirations aims to be the world’s most inspiring travel magazine. It is based on the success of Germany’s leisure travel mag “Reise-Inspirationen” which was the first travel mag out on the iPad in German language.

Stay tuned on how we will inspire you to travel around the globe very soon!