Botswana | Okavango | Hyena © Christoph Hoppe

Botswana | Okavango Delta | Young Hyena © Herbert Brenke

Botswana | Okavango Delta | Bush walk with elephant © Judith Hoppe


Go for a walk with Elephants

Elephant in Okavango DeltaDo you like to go for a walk? Do you like to try unusual experiences? If the answer to these questions has been ‘yes’, we have the ultimate recommendation for you: Meet Jabu, Thembi and Morula and go for a bush walk in the unspoilt Okavango Delta in Botswana with them. Why unusual? Well, they are elephants. Having been on safari in Southern Africa a couple of times now, elephant encounters are not the most difficult ones to tick off my must-see list.

Okonjima – Sleeping next door to Cheetah

Okonjima is a lodge. An unforgettable experience. Home of Africat foundation. A cheetah encounter that will touch your heart. And it’s a great place to support because they adopt abandoned or orphaned cheetahs and leopards, raise and educate them with the ultimate goal to release them back in freedom in safe areas.

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Travel-Inspirations aims to be the world’s most inspiring travel magazine. It is based on the success of Germany’s leisure travel mag “Reise-Inspirationen” which was the first travel mag out on the iPad in German language.

Stay tuned on how we will inspire you to travel around the globe very soon!