Walking high in the sky – in Macau

Macau TowerWell, we ‘walked the walk’ up on Macau Tower and therefore are now entitled to ‘talk the talk’: The whole Macau Tower is like a gigantic adventure playground: Skywalk X, Mast Climb, Iron Walk, Bungy Jump, Sky Jump, etc. are just a few of the urban adenvtures for the ones with a brave heart. Up on Skywalk X you walk WITHOUT a handrail, but disguised with a funny, orange jumper on the platform up in 233 metres, secured by a very smart overhead safety system that, however, does not give you a REAL sense of stability up there. The guy from AJ Hackett, who operates the adventure park, walks in front of the group and asks you to do such fun things as “Hold the safety line with your left hand, stand as close as possible to the edge of the platform and lift your right leg high up in the air.” Are you kidding me??! But he won’t let go, the group adds some pressure to it and finally you do as you are told – and are a proud owner of incredible pictures that will for sure get the attention span of friends and family! We enjoyed Macau very much, it has a very unique flair, an interesting blend of Asian and Portuguese architecture, food, language, culture and everything. The historic part of the city is VERY charming and the city in its entirety we found much greener and quieter than Hong Kong.

Learn more about Macau Tower here

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